Museum of modern Doll Art

It started with an idea

It was in the year 1994, when Hildegard Günzel started to bring a long nourished wish to a great achievement. She wanted to raise a museum for collectors and doll admirer. Together with Christian Kohl, the architect of Kohl & Kohl she developed her “Museum of modern Doll Art”. Inside the manufacturing site in Duisburg-Asterlagen was not only the production of top-class, noble dolls and figurines, it also housed one of the largest exhibitions of modern doll art in the world. In the year 1996 the museum finally opened its gates to the public. The award winning architecture was build accordingly to the wishes and conception of Hildegard Günzel, who was in charge of the design of this building. The here shown picture material is made by Britta Lauer, who kept the memento of the ambience in these photographs. The museum was untouched and still before moving in. Uncounted visitors from all over the globe took part watching many wonderful exhibits in over 18 years. The exhibition also included several theatre scenes and on the gallery there were regular sculpturing workshops with Hildegard Günzel. We would like to take the Opportunity to remember this time on this page. And even there was a move in 2014 to a new ambience and the exhibition was taken to the new manufacturing site, it will always remain a part of the success story and a very fulfilling part of the life of Hildegard Günzel. We are all looking forward to your visit in the future at Hildegard Günzels exhibitions. Feel welcome to arrange a date with our team any time.Auch in Zukunft freuen wir uns auf Ihren Besuch in Hildegard Günzels Ausstellungsräumen. Vereinbaren Sie jederzeit einen Termin mit unserem Team.