Hildegard Günzel

by Karin Schrey

Hello, dear friends of the Günzel dolls!
It is a pleasure for us, that you are interested in our doll creations.

For which one of our children have you decided? For a gracious girl with sensitive features? Or for the tiny cute roly-poly with a pout? Or even for a cheeky boy? No matter which of our dolls you will decide for – you can be certain of one thing: We have given our best for you!

Every Günzel doll is made with care. The material used is finest porcelain. The mass in use is exclusively produced for Hildegard Günzel and pigmented. Nobody else knows the ingredients. The recipe is a secret. This way it is ensured that Günzel dolls are and remain something very special.

After the first colour brand the heads of the dolls will be covered with a thin layer of wax. By doing this the faces achieve their natural skin texture that will give them their unique look of liveliness. They hand-blown eyes are dual colour and come from the town of Lauscha, where the art of making glass eyes is at home. The hair wigs of the dolls are of cause made of real human hair, hand-woven and especially made for the particular type of doll. For the dressing that Hildegard Günzel designed for every doll by herself only the best ist good enough. She uses the finest of silks, as for example dupion-, bourette- or natural silk. Besides that there is also the most noble silk taffeta and brocades in this precious kind of clothing.

Coats are made of wool, Cotton Piqué, Cashmere or Velvet. Extremely delicate Valencienne laces and expensive, gold embroidered braids are the “icing on the cake”. And our dolls don’t have to be ashamed, if you lift up their skirts. Of cause every piece of underwear is made with the same accuracy as the rest of the clothing.

The hats are made by modist by the sketches of Hildegard Günzel and they are made by hand. The same goes for the shoes. Even they are made by the concept of the artist in elaborate hand work out of real leather. The quality is the same as for real children shoes.

But how all these exclusive ingredients make a real Günzel doll? What is it that gives it the special charm of these creations?

Now, dolls were always fascinating to human beings in a peculiar way that nobody can really resist. Since ancient times they are accompanying on all their life paths. They are images of your own self. The artist that created it wants to show through this her own desires, dreams of perfection and eternity. Dolls that we love in the time of our childhood will – in opposite to us – remain young forever. That way they help us to find a way between now and way back then – to find our way back into times of happiness. They make people happy that will engage with them, first of all the artist that creates the doll, later the person that will own the doll.

Günzel dolls have this capability exceedingly. Hildegard Günzel always manages to bring to life her own dreams and desires in her dolls. Her creations are mementos of the life, real movement, frozen in porcelain. You will find yor own memories in them. Moments that we felt in the same mood or acted the same way.

Hildegard Günzel knows about that. So every doll is a unique personality with an unmistakable expression and unique personal body language. Some dolls sit up; some seem to have frozen in a just started movement.

Every new model of Hildegard will be sculptured from scrap in plasticine – head, chest with shoulders, arms and legs. So every doll becomes a living, independent creature. Sometimes her dolls seem like sculptures. They are works of art, natural but loving artwork that will touch you and who will also be free with being touched by you.

All her dolls will be painted by Hildegard Günzel herself. Only she knows what kind of creation formed in her imagination and only she knows, what it will look like in the end. As soon as the model is ready moulds will be made from it.

The hereby made moulding blanks of the heads are left to dry and will then be cleaned and smoothed. No unevenness is allowed to irritate the feature of the doll. She takes special care of fingernails and toenails.

After the burning and another session of smoothing the painting takes place. Until now, only Hildegard Günzel knows what the doll will look like. After that the parts go back into the oven for another burn. By the waxing, that will follow this step; the doll gets its life like touch.

Now the new Günzel doll is ready to get her eyes. Will they be blue, brown or grey? Maybe even green? It will depend on the type of the new child, the hair colour and the kind of hair she will be wearing. Of cause the body will be fitted perfectly to the new doll. There are large and small, skinny and chubby dolls – just like real children.

Right at the beginning it is already decided what kind of clothing the doll will wear. With great care fabrics and colours have been chosen and tried to find out what the new “child” likes. The harmony of the whole is that what is noticed so pleasantly by the admires of the Günzel dolls.

You see, dear doll friends, Günzel dolls are heavenly, but they still don’t fall from the sky. They are products of artistically creative work, skilled proficiency and patience. Still they are like fairy tales. So please get enchanted by the beautiful doll children on these pages.

Yours sincerely.
Hildegard Günzel